Minima Dual Boiler
Espresso Coffee Machine


The smallest coffee machine dual boiler on the market.
Unique design build with the best quality part available on the market, dual stainless steel boiler 316L build in inox heating element, PID control with check errors, shot timer.
Removable tank 2,6 liters with LSP last shot prevent, a system to finish your last coffee even if the low water level is reached.
Large 2,3 liters steam boiler, the bigger in this range of machine capable of a durable and power full steam.
E61 group head solenoid operated easy and with low maintenance.
Vibration pump 15 bar.
Hand made in Italy with only Italian parts.

Technical features:

  • Width 270mm (340 mm) 10.6 in (13.4 in)
  • Depth 445 mm (510 mm) 17.5 in (20 in)
  • Height 370 mm (525 mm) 14.5 in (20.7 in)
  • Weight 21 Kg (25 Kg) 46 oz (55 oz)
  • Max power 2250 watts 9.8 Amp 230/50
  • Max power 1250 watts 10.5 Amps 120/60 (Sequential heating)
  • Simultaneous heating for 208/240 volts versions, sequential heating for 100/120 volts
  • Steam boiler AISI 316L 2.3 liters, built in heating element stainless steel 1200 watts
  • Brew boiler AISI 316L 0.8 liters, built in heating element stainless steel 1000 watts
  • Tank 2.6 liters
  • E61 group solenoid actuated
  • PID control with display and manometer with dual scale (steam pressure and pump pressure), automatic filling boiler, shot timer and LSP (last shot protection) a function able to finish the shot even if the low level tank is reached. Low lever tank signal.